Luu Triplets at M1NT

行业新闻 2018-04-30 610浏览

September 26th, M1NT and femina proudly co-hosted this year's Bubble Party. The impressive night kicked off with a VIP cocktail reception hosted by ABSOLUT ELYX. The evening's festivities continued through the night in M1NT club, with the hightlight being an apperance from triplet brothers and international stars Lance Luu, Mark Luu and Charles Luu, from the hit movie "Pacific Rim". The trio, donning custom suits courtesy of Suit Supply were gracious enough to guest bartend for part of the event, with a special cocktail they had created just for the party. Everyone had a fantastic time throughout the night with spectacular costumes and performances capping the event.

9月26日,M1NT和伊周femina共同打造了THE BUBBLE泡泡派对。迷人的夜晚在绝对亦乐伏特加的鸡尾酒会中拉开帷幕。午夜时分,《环太平洋》中“暴风赤红”驾驶员的扮演者加拿大籍的26岁华裔三胞胎兄弟刘智福(Lance Luu)、刘智满(Mark Luu)、刘智堂(Charles Luu),身着Suit Supply高级定制西装出席了活动,担任当晚的特邀调酒师。现场嘉宾一起欣赏了梦幻的泡泡时尚秀和浪漫的泡泡表演,度过了一个难忘的狂欢夜。